Change Log:

Here you can track the latest changes and adjustments in wisy CMS and view news.


v2.05 (beta)

  • New: New Templates/Preset Type: ZIP with HTML content
  • New/Changed: SMTP mail sending improved/rewritten for direct SMTP-TLS communications (SMTP mail sent directly via socket, no longer via mail) and communications adapted to better support certain Outlook 365 & Exchange 2019 combinations
  • Changed: Further special elements for rarely used, external services have been equipped with Sharif solutions
  • Fixed: Better links in the statistics better optimized for direct access


  • New: Selection of main content category when creating new content elements
  • New: Users without Content Visibility rights can now automatically request by e-mail whether an element can be displayed using the release right
  • New: Restore multiple sending by reloading or chronicle is now prevented in Custom_Forms
  • New: Newsletters can now be provided with links to individualized documents. (Individualization must be done via preset include)
  • New: External PDF viewer can now be embedded instead of browser capability
  • New: Layer test mode to test the layer representation
  • New: Custom class/style selector to make custom div or span styles selectable for the FastEdit user


  • New: New special element "Team Overview" for self-editable display of team members.
  • New: New person field "Intelligent Salutation" for mailings and custom forms.
  • New: HTML and "Fixed Content" presets can now be used in mail templates.
  • New: New custom content wildcard type "List".
  • New: New statistic option: Conversion aims
  • New/Changed: Captcha- security is now automatically enabled and available for page abo, newsletter register and recommendation forms.


  • New: Automatic link tracking for newsletters and helpers to avoid pishing classification (no tracking for external text link links, etc.)
  • New: Content categories can now be set so that content assigned to them can only be changed using wildcards
  • New: CustomForm-Auto-Counter for fields and subquestions
  • New: CustomForm submissions can now be linked and sent together at the end
  • New: CustomWildCards are now included in the Auto-Preview
  • New: New special element for DSGVO-compliant embedding of Twitter timelines in the website
  • New: Pretty URLs can now be displayed without a unique ID and language via the setting "pretty_url_safe_mode = 0". (Use especially for websites with complex page structures and/or language versions NOT recommended!)
  • New/Changed: CustomForm-Postlink-Redirect-Timer can now be set by the user
  • New/Changed: Form quota field notifications are now only sent when the quota relevant value is resent
  • New/Changed: Page subscription email notifications are now sent in stages based on mailing_steps-setting to avoid spam problems
  • New/Changed: Forum special element is now fully customizable via templates
  • Fixed: Personalized newsletter mails are now sent with the language assigned to the newsletter with test person data in the language assigned to the mail (de or en) and no longer only in German when sending a test mail
  • Fixed: At some resolutions the text in the admin overview ran into the info character




  • New: Preset animator module for creating animations
  • New: VU login button with information for template added
  • New: Full address fields added to FE user
  • New: Categorize content can now be used in the frontend to filter content by category on pages. (especially interesting for blog article categorization, etc.)
  • New: Form quota settings can now be transferred to field quotas
  • New/Changed: Forms can now automatically or statically get a subject by parameter option
  • New/Changed: New share options such as Pinterest and Pocket have been added and share options can now be stored directly with the content element, not just in the template. (adapted to DSGVO Best Practice)
  • Changed: VU registration form special element can now also be used as data management special element
  • Changed: Visual and structural improvements of the advanced settings for content elements