Change Log:

Here you can track the latest changes and adjustments in wisy CMS and view news.


v2.01 (beta)

  • New: Preset animator module for creating animations.
  • New: FE login button with information for template added.
  • New: Full address fields added to FE user.
  • New: Content categorization can now be used in the frontend to perform content filtering by category on pages. (especially interesting for blog article categorization, etc.)
  • New: Form quota settings can now be transferred to field quotas.
  • New/Changed: New share options like Pinterest and Pocket added and share options can now be added directly to the content element, not just in the template anymore.
  • Changed: FE registration form special element can now also be used as data management special element.
  • Changed: Optical and structural improvements of the Advanced Content Element Settings.

v2.0 (Pegasus)

  • New: Newsletter/Mailing recipients can now be extended with their own additional fields.
  • New: Newsletter mails now automatically send plain text alternative version of the e-mail.
  • New: Automatic translation of texts using Deepl.
  • New: Improved FastEdit wizards for easier user interaction (switched to asynchronous query)
  • New: Added content wildcards for guided management of content element.
  • New: FrontendUploads can now be directly shared via the Share link.
  • New: Browser notifications added for chat system.
  • New: Layer system added to popup management.
  • New: Integrated eIFU management.
  • New: User administration can now also be applied to upload groups.
  • New: wiShop: The new shop system integrated in wisy.
  • New: Table importer in FastEdit editor to import CSV files.
  • New: Added design editor to modify CSS variables in front end.
  • New: Overlay box/overlay box added.
  • New: FastEdit can now be enlarged and reduced.
  • New: Survey responses can now be displayed in random order.
  • New: Survey participation notification with interval added.
  • New: Upload groups can now be assigned to user groups.
  • New: Cookie hint banner added as new template part (wisy does not actually use automatically set cookies - so this is only necessary if desired.)
  • New: PHP 7.2 compatibility.
  • New: Manual page translated to English.
  • Changed: Custom Form duplication improved. (Personfields and dependencies are now updated automatically)
  • Changed: Adminarea interface adapted with new information fields and much more.


  • New: Flexible product importer
  • New/Changed: Pie chart representation of survey results added.


  • New: Code element added to the attractive display of program code.
  • New/Changed: New payment option "Sofortüberweisung" for the shopping cart special element added and payment process for PayPal and AmazonPayment revised
  • Fixed: Website printing now works again when using Pretty URLs, without having to manually hide the adminbars.


  • New: Console mode for adminbar added.
  • New: Content categories can now be assigned to individual content templates.
  • New: Forum special element expanded. (e.g. customized password forgotten function, etc.)
  • New: Users can be restricted so that only images with resolutions that have been stored as presets can be uploaded. (only useful in certain scenarios)
  • New: Subdivided statistics export introduced.
  • Fixed: Problem with FastEdit editor wrapping in some situation (introduced in version 1.96(5)).