Admin Flow Bar

The Admin Flow Bar is located in the lower right corner of the screen when you enter the front end as a logged in Adminarea user and is always displayed there to help the Admin switch between specific views.

  • Visitor’s view
  • Clear cache
  • record action commands
  • prohibit redirect
  • Change Admin User

Visitor View / Admin View

With this function the admin can activate a preview of the current website without logging out and then only sees content elements that disappear, etc. These elements can be displayed again by pressing "To admin view" or the eye that appears on the page.

This view only remains on one page at a time and must be set again if the user leaves/switches pages.


Clear Cache (only relevant for template, CSS, JS or PHP function changes

Certain files of the wisy installation are minified and cached to speed up the page load times, so if you change the source code (not the contents!) you have to clean the cache to regenerate these files.

This is not necessary for normal editorial users.


Record action commands / Use action commands / Stop recording

You can use this function to perform certain actions with a time delay, for example, to set content to be switched on or off the day after tomorrow or to change the sequence.

You can now switch to other sub-pages of this website and record any commands (only certain actions are enabled in this mode) and when you are finished, click on "Stop recording".

All actions that you have performed have been recorded but not executed, which you can now configure via "Use action commands" so that they are executed at a certain point in time in the future.

For more information, see here.


Forbid redirect / allow redirect

wisy uses redirects by default to skip empty subpages in a navigation structure and go directly to pages with content so that the user does not have to click again and search for a page with content in the navigation.

However, this also prevents an admin from filling parent, previously empty pages with content.

To access these pages, the admin user can temporarily suppress the redirection for his user, and content can now be stored (and displayed!) on the intermediate page.

Then the redirect can be allowed again to test the normal behavior and the intermediate page is displayed.


Change Admin User / To own Admin User

To control what rights and functions a user has, you can use this function to switch between users and their rights without logging out of your own user.

Important: This function is only available as a fulladmin!